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Fishing at the Lakes


Licensed Angling Clubs

All lakes in the park are licensed by angling clubs and to fish the lakes you must be a member of the relevant club.

The clubs are as follows:

  • SWS Fisheries – Ocean Lake, Road & Island Lake, Railway Lake, Larky 2 Lake & Conservation Lake
  • The Freemasons Arms Angling Society –  Sand Pond
  • The Strikers Angling Society – Reed Pond

SWS Fisheries

SWS Fisheries manages The Larkfield Complex which comprises of five lakes, Ocean, Road & Island, Railway, Larky 2 and Conservation Lake.

These historic lakes have attracted anglers from across the country since the 1960’s, who come to fish for some of Kent’s most sought-after fish.

The complex is famous for hosting a vast range of fishing and featured in the book Carp County. The lakes hold Carp up to 50lb, Pike to over 20lb and Tench up to 14lbs with one of the Lakes previously held a British record Leather Carp.

SWS fisheries are investing in a stocking program to replenish the current stock levels whilst regularly carrying out site maintenance and swim improvements.


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