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Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs cover the following topics:



Take a look at our walk-through videos which give you a step-by-step guide to using our facilities



What measures have you put in place to keep customers COVID 19 safe?

  • Customers are required to pre-book all sessions and book in at Reception at the allotted time
  • Safety screens at Reception
  • Only card payments will be accepted
  • There are several frequently refilled sanitising stations at each centre
  • Floor markers to help queueing customers maintain social distancing
  • One-way system
  • Directional signs
  • Increased cleaning of areas and equipment. Gaps between sessions allow for cleaning and a longer break in the middle of the day for a deeper clean.
  • PPE for staff. It is not mandatory for our staff to wear gloves or a mask but can do so if they wish. Whilst approaching or helping customers with exercise staff will need to wear a face mask. Staff administering first aid will be required to wear full PPE – mask, gloves and apron.

If you are looking for more indepth information, please take a look at the COVID-19 Risk Assessments that have been produced for each of our sites.

How will you restrict the number of customers using the facilities?
Our booking system is set for capacity compatible with the Government’s social distancing guidance and customers will not be permitted into the Centres unless they have pre-booked.

Will customers be checked for symptoms?
Whilst temperatures will not be taken, anybody displaying symptoms will be asked to leave the premises.

Will I need to wear gloves/mask?
You will not be required to wear gloves or a mask but can do so if you wish.

If a customer or staff member does not abide by the rules how will this situation be dealt with?
Any customer refusing to follow COVID-19 Centre rules will be asked to leave the facilities.

Will the showers re-open?
Showers will not be available initially. We hope to be able to bring facilities back in August but this will be subject to ongoing guidance and experience.

Will toilets be available?
Yes, toilets will be available with some alterations due to social distancing guidelines. The public toilets in the Tonbridge Pool foyer will be closed off to the public initially to assist queue management.

Will the Café be open?
The cafés at Larkfield and Tonbridge Swimming Pool will not be open initially. We will consider after 2 weeks whether it is possible to re-open the cafés and still maintain social distancing. Vending machines are available at both locations for takeaway drinks or snacks.

When will children be permitted into the Centres?
Children will be given consideration once we have gauged adult member usage at the end of the first two weeks.

When will swimming, dance and trampolining lessons resume?
We are constantly reviewing the situation, however we anticipate that courses are unlikely to restart until September.



Why do I have to book?
Government guidance requires all visits to leisure facilities to be on a pre-booked basis only.

What happens if I just turn up to the Centre?
We will be adhering strictly to this guidance when we re-open so you will be politely declined entrance to the Centre and there will be no exceptions to this rule.

How can I book?
You can book by phone, via the website or the tmactive App. You will need your User ID and PIN to book a session.

Where do I get my User ID and PIN from?
This can be issued by the Centres, alternatively you can email – it may take up to 48 hours to issue logins as we expect to receive a very high volume of emails.

Who has priority to book?
• Priority for bookings will be granted on the following basis:
• Annual/DD Members 9 days priority booking of all facilities from 22 July
• Priority Card Holders (previously Centre Members) 7 days priority booking for group exercise classes and swimming from 24 July.
• Casual Users 2 days booking for swimming only from 25 July

How many bookings can I make?
You can make a total of 5 bookings in any 24-hour period but only 3 for the same day.



What am I allowed to bring with me?
You should come ready to exercise for the gym and exercise classes. You may bring your own exercise mat and a drink but no large bags. Personal belongings such as car keys, mobiles and wallets may be stored in the valuables lockers in the Gym. You can also bring your own towel, but please do not use your towel to wipe down the equipment, use the cleaning equipment provided.

What are the maximum number of people permitted in the Gym at any one time?
Following government guidance, the maximum is 40 at Larkfield and 30 at the Angel Centre. Each session is one hour long.

Are there screens between gym equipment or is it just spaced out?
No, there are no screens between the gym equipment. To allow for social distancing, we have either removed equipment or placed it out of action, to allow for adequate spacing.

Are you limited to one piece of equipment?
No, you are not limited to one piece of equipment.  At the Angel Centre you are limited to 15 minute on each piece of equipment and 30 minutes on the CV at Larkfield. We do ask you to clean down the equipment after use and stick to the one way system.

Will I still be able to use the free weights?
Some free weight stations will be available, however these will be for individuals only and there will be no spotters allowed.

At the Angel Centre the Free Weights Gym will have a capacity of 6 and will need to be booked separately to the main gym. There will be no crossover use permitted between the two.

1 hour is not long enough for my workout, can I get an extended session?
You can book 2 sessions back to back however you will be required to leave the Gym in between sessions whilst cleaning takes place and re-join the relevant session queue.



The pools at Larkfield and Tonbridge (including the Outdoor Pool) will be for adult lane swimming along with some swim club usage and aqua exercise classes only.

Can my children lane swim?
Currently all participants must be 16 and over for all public sessions.

How long can I swim for?
45 minutes are allowed per session.

What are the rules of the pool?
We have new Lane Swimming etiquette that you need to follow - see full details here

Will I be able to change at site?
Changing facilities will not be available on arrival so swimmers must arrive on poolside ‘beach ready’ (swimming costume under clothing). Outdoor clothes are removed on poolside and placed in a basket. At the end of your swim you collect your basket and head to the changing rooms to dress. Lockers will not be available during your visit.

Will I be able to shower after swimming?
No, showers will not be available initially, but we do hope to re-introduce them as soon as Government guidance suggests.

What is the maximum number of swimmers per lane?
All lanes are double sized lanes.

  • At Tonbridge Swimming Pool the indoor fitness pool will accommodate a maximum of 8 per lane and the outdoor pool 6 per lane.
  • At Larkfield the maximum swimmers per lane is 8.

Will there be separate lanes for different speeds?

  • Tonbridge and Larkfield fitness pools - there will be 3 double width lanes available for slow, medium and fast swimmers. You will need to book your required lane.
  • Tonbridge Outdoor Pool - there will be a fast lane and a slow lane.
  • When booking you will need to specify the pool and the lane you require; Fast 30 seconds or under per length; Medium 30 seconds – 1 minute; Slow 1 minute +: and there will be new lane etiquette rules in place to ensure social distancing.

When will the Spa re-open?
The Spa will remain closed whilst we await further Government and industry guidance.

What am I allowed to bring with me?
You may bring your own drink but no large bags or other belongings as lockers are not available. 



What am I allowed to bring with me?
You should come dressed ready for your class. You may bring your own exercise mat and a drink but no bags or other belongings as lockers are not available. You can also bring your own towel, but please do not use your towel to wipe down the equipment, use the cleaning equipment provided.

Do I have to book in for each class?
Yes, you do. If you book classes back to back, you will have to leave the building in between classes and book in each time.

Will the programme be significantly reduced?
Our programmes will be reduced by approximately 30% with revised timings to avoid queue clashes between sessions and to allow for 15 minutes between classes for cleaning.

What is the capacity for each class?
Some classes will have reduced capacity whilst others will be moved to the Sports Halls and Medway Hall (Angel Centre) to accommodate the normal numbers.

Will the Immersive Spin Studio be open?
Yes, it will be in use albeit with a reduced number of spin bikes.



Can I buy a membership?
Initially we will not sign up any new Health & Fitness Members whilst we assess capacity versus demand in our gyms. We would encourage you to leave your contact details with a member of staff or email and you will be contacted as soon as our position changes. We will however continue to sell Swim & Spa Memberships and Priority Cards.

If I do not feel comfortable in the Centre can I re-freeze my membership until normal service resumes?
Yes, your subscription can remain frozen at the discretion of the Trust and if your membership attracts a price for life this will be protected all the while it is frozen.