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Stay safe, stay active & stay at home


tmactive150 - here to help!

There are lots of ways you can take care of yourself during the coronavirus isolation and we are here to help you.

Physical activity is really important for both our physical and mental wellbeing. Trying to preserve some sense of normalcy can positively affect our mental health and will help us to stay motivated. Every small bit of movement counts. Now we are all at home we need to still move and schedule activity into our day.

tmactive150 is all about community. The programme is designed to encourage and help local people achieve the recommended 150 minutes of moderate activity per week. And it is easier to do than you think. A bit of guidance and creativity can help everyone keep moving during these uncertain times.

Let's begin with a few ideas you can do every day to maintain your physical and mental health whilst at home.

  • Dancing is a fantastic way to move your body. Put on the radio, Ask Alexa, dig out a CD player and have a good boogie with your partner, your children or whilst your making dinner. You can still dance sitting down. Move your arms from side to side freely, tap your heels and sing along. Singing is great for the soul.
  • Next time you watch a TV show or film, have a little stretch, do some squats, high knee marches, lunges; or even bicep curls with baked bin tins. Or think about your posture- Try not to sit with your legs crossed and make sure your back is straight and supported. Our team are currently putting together some videos to give guidance and support to these exercises.
  • Seated exercise is a great way to keep active, especially for older people. Individuals at risk of falls should also look to do balance exercises twice a week. The NHS has some good resources online that are gentle and easy to follow. Our team also has resources that we can email to you for relatives and friends who may not have internet access.
  • Come up with games you can play with your children, like hopscotch, puddle jumping or leaf play in the garden. Anything where you are crawling, hopping, jumping or skipping could work really well. Active for Life have some fantastic family ideas for games you can play with your children.
  • TV Body Coach Joe Wicks is also offering fantastic workouts for children between 9- 9.30am. You can watch his first workout here and subscribe to his channel.
  • Try and have a little morning walk. Either around the garden or near your home. The fresh air and being amongst nature does wonders for our health. Please remember to stay close to home, do not go outside if you have symptoms of the virus and observe social distancing as guided by the government. You can also walk up and down the stairs more frequently. Every little bit counts towards a healthier you.
  • For new and expectant mothers our wonderful Yoga teacher Jo is putting together some video downloads. Please email for a link. The NHS website also offers credible resources, exercise tips, exercise to avoid and physical activity suggestions to support mothers both during pregnancy and after giving birth.
  • If you regularly take part in group exercise, you may be interested in an online class. Les Mills are currently offering a range of free sessions, including full body workouts, body combat, guided meditations and post pregnancy exercise.

Our tmactive150 instructors are also putting together videos for our activities. If you are a current participant or interested to find out more, please email us for information and the link to our online sessions -

Please do keep checking our page for more resources. We will be doing our best to support our local communities.

We will get through this!