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tmactive150 Family Challenge



For our 2019 'tmactive150 Challenge', we are working with a lovely family of four- Alex, Sharonne, Noah and Delilah.

The 'tmactive150 Challenge' is a four-month guided programme, that offers both physical activity and nutrition advice. 

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The family were chosen for their keen interest and motivation to make positive changes to their lifestyles.

Over the next few months, the Health, Fitness and Wellbeing team at tmactive will be supporting the family to help them become more physically active as a family. Most importantly, we will be ensuring that the programme is sustainable, good fun, rewarding and fits into their busy schedule. We will be sharing their journey with you too!

This page will outline how the family are getting on through-out the four month-period, with the hope to inspire others to value physical activity and the positive effects it can have on our health and wellbeing.  Alex and Sharonne will be using a MyZone Heart Rate Monitor, which is a piece of wearable technology that connects to an app on their smart phone.  The Heart Rate Monitor measures their heart rate throughout their physical activity and tells them how hard they are working.  For more information on MyZone, please click here:

So why are we doing the Challenge? Because there really are so many reasons to be more active and being active as a family is a great way to spend time all together.

Moving more is good for your body, your mind, helps to prevent serious health problems and it can help you sleep better too.

As well as lowering your risk of developing serious health problems, being active helps keep your heart healthy, keeps your muscles, bones and joints strong and can help improve your balance.

Research shows that physical activity can also boost self-esteem, mood and energy, and helps you to maintain a healthy weight and good circulation.

Particularly in children, physical activity – whether it is walking, running, climbing, jumping or dancing, helps their muscles, bones and brains develop. And all sorts of activity counts, whether it's indoors or outdoors. It's just about getting moving every day.

The family will be beginning their journey on Friday 1 March 2019 and we are very excited to see what the next four months brings!

We look forward to updating you very soon....


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1st March 2019

Alex has already shown HUGE commitment to the programme and enjoyed his first personal training session last week. With much thanks to Larkfield Leisure Centre's Health and Fitness Manager Mike, Alex said his body is 'feeling it a bit', but he has (and I quote) admitted to feeling 'much more lively after exercise'. So much so, Alex has already booked his next PT session, took part in THE TRIP cycle workout and enjoyed family yoga with Sharonne and their children at the weekend. Go Alex!

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3rd March 2019

The family try some yoga inbetween packing boxes for the family's imminent house move!  An easy way to stretch and to move while in the comfort of their own home.


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 4th March 2019

Sharonne shows us that she is definitely up for the Challenge! Look at that smile! And that is after her PT session!  Sharonne has used MyZone to record her workout.  The bar chart shows how her heart rate changed throughout the workout.  The yellow bars show that Sharonne was working her hardest with her heart rate working at 80-89% of her maximum heart rate.

IMG 20190305 WA0006


 7th March 2019

Alex takes part in a gym session with his Personal Trainer during the Challenge, Mike.  Alex uses MyZone to record his progress and reckons he will be sore tomorrow!


pic 4


11th March 2019

Alex takes part in a spin class but admits that he struggled.  He got points for effort though!  Well done Alex for persevering and getting through the class!


pic 5


Sharonne takes part in an Easyline Circuits class for 45 minutes.  Her MyZone screen shot shows that she hit the red zone because her heart rate was working at 90-100%!  Go Sharonne!


pic 33


17th March 2019

Sharonne manags to fit in a gym session before Noah and Delilah go to bed!  Well done Sharonne!


pic 34

18th March 2019

Alex, Sharonne, Noah and Delilah go out in the fresh air to their local park to get active together!  All members of the family take part.  As Sharonne says, "keeping it local and free".

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 22nd March 2019

Three weeks in and Alex is suffering from a cold.  He still attends his Personal Training session with Mike however, and powers on through.  He even hit the red zone during his workout, showing that his heart rate was working at 90-100% of his maximum!  Well done Alex!


pic 21    pic 22


23rd March 2019

Saturdays for the Birchley Family is Swimming and Softplay Day!  As Alex mentions, Noah and Delilah are #workingoutwithoutknowingit.

pic 23

pic 24


24th March 2019

An active day out in Teston, in Maidstone for #mytmactivefamily.  Alex even caught the sun, and it is only March!

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Sharonne also managed to complete an upper body work out with Personal Trainer Danielle!


pic 35


27th March 2019

Sharonne managed a late evening Personal Training session at the gym with Danielle, working on her back.  Sharonne said that it was not easy but she felt great afterwards!


pic 36


28th March 2019

Well done Sharonne for meeting your monthly target of exercise!!  MyZone rewards each minute of physical with effort points.  The higher your heart rate during each minute, the more effort points awarded.  Sharonne is now keen to chase her personal target!


pic 37


29th March 2019

Alex started off a Personal Training session with Mike well, but felt go something "go pop" part way through.  Fingers crossed that Alex has not injured anything....

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31st March 2019

Well done Sharonne for achievening for personal target for the month!  What a successful first month in this Famiy Challenge to be more active!


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TO BE CONTINUED...............